Student Learning Plans

An SLP (Student Learning Plan) is a working document set up in the beginning of the school year.  Its main purpose is to establish a plan for your child’s learning that incorporates the big ideas, content areas, and learning standards of BC’s curriculum.  Your OLT (online teacher) will discuss the form with you and help you to determine what specific activities, resources and instructional plans you intend to use with your child.  We are here to help you and can offer suggestions and resources as needed.  Ways of assessing your child’s learning will also be discussed and documented with your OLT.  Student Learning Plans may change throughout the year as new interests or student needs are identified.  Click on the links below to view grade leveled SLPs.

Grade K SLP 2019-20

Grade 1 SLP 2019-20

Grade 2 SLP 2019-20

Grade 3 SLP 2019-20

Grade 4 SLP 2019-20

Grade 5 SLP 2019-20

Grade 6 SLP 2019-20

Grade 7 2019-2020

 Grade 8 2019-2020

Grade 9 2019-2020

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