Learning Support Funds (LSF)

Learning Support Funds (LSF)

EBUS Academy is required to pay a third party resource or service provider directly, and may not pay parents or students.

Allocation of funding to third parties is to be made based on the student learning plan created by the parent, teacher and where appropriate the student. In order to meet the BC Ministry prescribed curriculum requirements, the teacher will identify the services and resources the school and family are able to provide, as well as those services and resources which may require support by way of a third party. If it is determined that third party resources and services are required, an amount up to $600 may be allocated as specified in the student learning plan. This allotment is not an entitlement.

Please note: Cross Enrolled students are not eligible for Learning Support Funding

General Expectations for Use of Learning Support Funds

With the co-development of the student learning plan, parents, students, teachers, and administrators work together to determine the best approach to meeting the required learning outcomes.

Third party services are ideal in assisting students meet curricular outcomes in non-core areas such as Fine Arts, Physical Education, and Applied Skills. The DL model of educational program delivery is supported in very practical and hands-on ways through instruction such as lessons in music, dance, horse-back riding, judo, skiing, woodworking, welding, etc. The 3rd party service and resource allocation is intended for ongoing instructional components that cannot be delivered easily by the DL school; it is not intended to subsidize equipment such as saddles, weight sets, skis, hockey equipment, etc.

Similarly, the Ministry considers a membership in an astronomers club to be appropriate rather than providing funds to purchase a telescope, a membership in a photography club or lessons rather than the purchase of camera equipment and accessories, etc.

DL schools are not authorized to make payments to learners or their parents/guardians. This means that DL schools are not permitted to:

  • contract/employ parents in capacity of tutors, Education Assistants, Teacher Assistants, Special Education Assistants, etc. for services to their own children.
  •  provide payments to parents’ or students’ personal credit card companies. Credit card companies are not considered 3rd party service/resource providers.
  •  provide special or additional allocations for parents or families or groups of families who are taking certain responsibilities for the educational program or participating in particular school-based programs.

EBUS Academy does not cover the cost of uniforms or insurance associated with lessons; parents are responsible for covering these costs.

We are a public school and as such, must separate church and state.  Parents are welcome to purchase services and resources from Christian vendors, as long as the purchases are secular in content.

Consumable Supplies

Basic consumable school supplies, such as paper, writing tools, student planners, binders, computer storage media (USB flash drives), etc., are considered to be personal expenses paid for by students or parents and may not be charged against the resource allocation.

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