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We are processing the forms in the order we receive them and are currently working on September 15th.  

Cross-Enrollment  (student will be attending another school as well as taking courses with EBUS)
  • Grades 10-12
  • Grades 8 and 9 cross-enrolled courses now available:
    • French 8 & 9
    • Math 8 & 9
    • PHE 8 & 9
    • Science 8 & 9


Kindergarten –  click here for more information. To setup an intake interview, click here.
Elementary (Grades 1-6)
Middle Years (Grades 7-9)  Grade 9 is now a capacity and therefore closed.
Secondary (Grades 10-12)  –  Click the link to set up an interview with our academic advisor  (https://forms.gle/iveR2g442bMAkpL46)
Adult Program (18yrs and older):  Please email Paul Belanger to get the process started.
Graduated Learners – 18 yrs and older – (learners looking to upgrade):  Please email Paul Belanger to get the process started.
Inclusive (Special) Education.  Learn more about our program and on how to  book an appointment to discuss future enrollment.

Please visit LearnNowBC if you are looking for other online schooling options.

Start your education journey in three easy steps.

1. Fill out the online enrollment form (please use Chrome or Firefox or Microsoft Edge)
2. Contact your Academic Advisor (full-time students only)
3. Receive your confirmation email.

It’s that easy!

Step One

I. ALL STUDENTS interested in applying to EBUS, must fill out the enrollment form, found below.

  • It is strongly recommended that students have their own email address.

II. We require copies* of (a) students’ identification for proof of age and (b) documents for proof of BC residency.
scanned copies or photos can be attached to the registration or faxed/emailed separately

a) ID for Proof of Guardianship ( See Policy 501.4 – Ordinarily Resident)

  • Student’s Birth Certificate (long form preferred)
  • Student Passport

b) Proof of British Columbia Residency (See ‘Policy 501.4 – Ordinarily Resident)

We require documentation that shows that the student and the parent –  for students under the age of 19 – are ordinarily resident of BC.

  • BC Care Card / BC Services Card / BC Identification Card
  • BC Driver’s License or Enhanced BC Driver’s License
  • Long-term tenancy agreement – showing name and address
  • Property purchase agreement – showing name and address
  • A current income tax return filed as a BC resident

If the primary identification for proof of residency is unavailable, you may provide any two of the following:

  • Property tax statement – showing name and address
  • Proof of employment for a minimum of 20 hours per week (e.g. pay stub, letter from the
  • employer)
  • Utility bill – showing name and address
  • BC vehicle registration
  • Canadian bank account statement – showing name and address

In addition to the above, International Students must provide:

  • Study Permit (valid for one year or more)

The enrollment process will take approximately 10 minutes. Please ensure that you have your ID and PEN (Personal Education Number) handy. You will find the PEN on your last report card.

If you have any technical problems completing the form, or have questions about documentation,
please email helpdesk@sd91.bc.ca or call 1-800- 567-1236 ext. 2255.
Complete Registration Form
All data collected through the EBUS enrollment form meets British Columbia’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) requirements for data storage.  The registration information is stored on a secure school district server with SSL encryption, located in Vanderhoof, B.C.

Step Two – Full time students only

Full time secondary students and Adult students should contact their grade specific Academic Advisor, listed below, to discuss course planning.

Students in Grades K-9, you will be contacted by your teacher or academic advisor as soon as possible.

Grades 10-12
  • Chris Mushumanski – 1.800.567.1236 (ext. 2244)
Adult (18+)
  • Paul Belanger – 1.800.567.1236 ext. 2258

Step Three

Once your enrollment form is processed (please allow 3-5 business days) you will receive a Confirmation Email with your EBUS log in and instructions on how to connect!

International Students

If you are an International student, we can accept your payment via PayPal. Please make your payment after enrollment is confirmed.

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