Welcome to EBUS 2020-2021

Latest News - EBUS, SD 91 and COVID-19 updates

We are currently processing cross-enrolled registration forms received within the last 3-5 business days.

New students - please be patient.  Rest assured that while you wait for access to your courses, they will not start without you!  All EBUS courses are self-paced, and we are working to get you going as quickly as we can amid this unprecedented demand for on-line education.

Registration  for K-12 full-time enrollment is now closed for the 2020-21 school year. 

Registration for cross-enrollment is open for select courses only.  

Our K - 12 and Special Education programs are at capacity and we will not be processing any new registrations. Additionally our wait-lists are also over capacity and we will not be adding to them at this time.

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