Course Resources

As an online school, most of the courses are delivered entirely online. Some courses require that textbooks be mailed out, and some courses require e-textbooks, that are accessible online.

When the resources are mailed, a return mailing label and instructions are included.  If you require another mailing label, please email EBUS Resources or call 1.800.567.1236 ext. 2221

Instructions for returning resources and using the Mailing Labels

  1. Parcel up the CD-ROMs, textbooks or computer components to be returned. (In the case of iPads or computer components, please use the original packing material and boxes that you remembered to save.)
  2. Attach the return label to the envelope, parcel or box.
  3. Sign the Bill of Lading label in the box marked Sender’s Signature (on the right hand side of the label.)
  4. Take the parcel to your nearest post office outlet and drop it off. You will be given one copy of the Bill of Lading as your receipt; the Post Office will keep a copy so that EBUS will be billed for the postage.


The purpose of these mailing labels is to increase the return of resources. If you would like to send samples of student work, at the same time as you are returning other resources, that would be fine. Please do not use these labels unless you ARE returning EBUS resources.

Textbooks are on loan to the student for the whole semester, however if you finish your course early, please send the text back so other students may use it.

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