The 10-12 Experience

The EBUS Grade 10-12 Course Experience

EBUS is a public school in School District #91, Nechako Lakes

EBUS Academy is a BC Ministry of Education designated Provincial On-Line School serving full time students, cross-enrollers and adult students. We have an amazing selection of courses to choose from to help you meet the needs of your graduation plan.

Each course has a dedicated BC certified teacher and subject specialist

For participants that satisfy the Online Learning Policy – BC Residency, the courses are FREE of charge.

Key points

  • Parent / Guardian are BC residents
  • Student is working, primarily withing BC (there may be exceptions)

Will EBUS honour my IEP (Individualized Education Plan)


At EBUS we work with 100’s of ‘inclusive education’ learners and we pride ourselves on being able to personalize the learning experience.

Students with IEP’s should ensure that a copy is on file with EBUS when registering.

The keys to success

  • Schedule a regular time and place to work on your EBUS course(s)
  • Have a trusted adult to connect with for support in addition to your online teacher
  • Read course outlines and teacher information before starting your first assignment.
  • Communicate with your online teacher, they are real and are there to support you!
  • Create a timeline for completion.
  • Make note of tests, projects and any big assignments.

Academic Advisor

Set up an interview with our Academic Advisor using the link below.

Grades 10-12 – Chris Mushumanski

The EBUS Course Description Booklet gives information about each course.

The EBUS Course Planning Sheet is a planning tool.

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