Inclusive Education at EBUS

(Formerly Special Education)

EBUS Academy has provincially recognized Inclusive Education staff that work with families to individualize learning programs. At EBUS, we welcome students for whom the traditional classroom is not an option.

We believe that our role is to support each learner to develop the skills and abilities they need to move forward in pursuit of their dreams. We develop relationships with families through frequent, regular communication (whether it be via telephone, technology or face-to-face). We work with parents, outside agencies and coursework teachers to develop individualized learning plans that meet the diverse needs of our learners.

For program availability and registration dates, please check the Registration Dates & Status page.

Whole Child Development

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Roles and Responsibilities of the Education Team

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Programming Flexibility

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Inclusive Education Team

Meet the EBUS Academy Special Education team.

How Does Inclusive Education @EBUS work?

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