Learning Tools & Platform

At EBUS, we help you map out your best educational path.

Our Online Learning Platform

Full time students and parents, in consultation with their homeroom teacher, will create a Student Learning Plan (SLP) that identifies learning outcomes and resources and helps to shape the student’s learning path for the year. SLP’s are meant to be unique and flexible and thus can be revisited as often as is necessary.

Based on a student’s SLP the learning platform may take on a variety of different looks. The primary mode for communication with teacher will be via email. All full time students in grades K-12 have access to a homeroom in Moodle, where their teacher or academic advisor will post important information, resources, recommended web sites and current news.

EBUS offers various online subscriptions for full time students in K-12 to support or enhance learning. Students also have access to our growing online Follet library containing e-books and audiobooks that can be enjoyed online through a laptop, computer, iPad or Kindle.

V-class (virtual class) sessions are a weekly event at EBUS and a great way for students to participate with other EBUS students helping to create a strong sense of community.


Moodle is the learning platform for all EBUS students. Students (and parents of elementary students) login to Moodle to access their classes, homerooms, v-classes and more. Communication between students and teachers occurs within Moodle, as does the uploading and downloading of assignments and completed work.

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