Middle Years Program (Grades 7-9)

The Advantages of MY EBUS Middle Years Program

How is Middle Years different than Elementary and Secondary?

Middle school years – grades 7 – 9 are pivotal years in education and in adolescent development.  At EBUS – we know that these learners need strong learning relationships along with increased independence, choice and flexibility.  Junior secondary students (grades 7-9) are ready to work with more than one teacher, but not quite ready to work with the eight, or more teachers, as is commonly found in a secondary program.  With this in mind, we designed the MY EBUS (Middle Years EBUS) program to ease the transition from elementary school to secondary school, under the guidance of a small team of supportive and dedicated teachers, who are familiar with the needs middle school students and who are committed to student success.

Please contact Middle Years Vice-Principal, Barb Ziler, for more information on how to register for our Middle Years (Grades 7, 8, 9) program.

Middle Years Team

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The MY EBUS Program provides

  • A team of dedicated, caring teachers committed to your student’s success.
  • Ongoing, personalized feedback and interaction with your teacher.
  • Flexibility and choice.
  • Project based learning and individualized educational opportunities.
  • 21st century learning, building skills in communication, critical thinking, creative and innovative thinking, and personal and social responsibility.
  • Integrated curriculum, which aims to inspire students to learn while having fun.
  • A BC public school, we follow BC Ministry of Education curriculum.
  • Opportunities to connect with other learners during V-Classes.
  • We strive to offer a wide variety of field trips and special events held locally in the Central Interior, as well as in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.
  • Up to $600 available in Learning Support Funds.
  • Access to Special Education resources and support.
  • First Nations (Aboriginal Education) resources, funding, tutoring support, and cultural events.

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