Learning Plan & Assessment

What is a Student Learning Plan?

These plans are individualized for your child and they outline the topics the student will study over the course of the year with specific timelines.  They identify key resources and possible samples of student work that will go into the student’s portfolio to demonstrate progress. Student Learning Plans may change over the course of the year as new interests or student needs are identified.  It is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that the plan meets the provincial learning outcomes, and to suggest strategies that will help students and parents achieve the goals that they have established.

How involved is the parent in assessment?

Parents and students help online teachers determine which samples of student work best illustrate student achievement and growth. Portfolios containing a variety of samples and assessments allow students to demonstrate their growth over time. EBUS online teachers are ultimately responsible for the assessment of student progress in relation to BC learning outcomes.

A variety of assessment tools (checklists, project criteria, tests, etc.) and strategies (self assessments, observations, etc.) help to ensure that individual learning styles and learning rates are considered in describing student learning.

How involved is my child?

We encourage families to involve students in assessing their own growth and progress and in selecting samples of their work to be included in their portfolios. On-Line teachers prepare report cards, based on samples of student work. Samples can be shared in a variety of ways and forms (e.g. print, video, audio tape, online).