Teacher & Parent Roles

OLT (Online Teacher) Responsibilities

  • Communicate regularly with student and parent (email, Moodle/BrightSpace, telephone, face-to-face)
  • Work with parents to develop an SLP (Student Learning Plan)
  • Assess and monitor student understanding of learning outcomes and curriculum content
  • Offer formative and summative assessments in reading and mathematics
  • Provide timely and meaningful feedback
  • Provide instructional strategies, teaching ideas, and current trends in pedagogy
  • Suggest and help locate appropriate educational resources
  • Offer V-classes on a variety of themes in different subject areas throughout the year
  • Provide remedial support when needed
  • Assist families with the use of technology
  • Approve funding allocations and spending requests
  • Organize and attend yearly fieldtrip events in our local area and in other regions of BC
  • Communicate and share upcoming SD#91 cultural events or educational opportunities that may be of interest to families in the surrounding area

Parent Role and Responsibilities

  • Communicate regularly with the teacher (via email or telephone correspondence or person to person)
  • Log in to our Moodle/BrightSpace online learning platform weekly, to access learning activities and resources and stay updated on scheduled events and important dates
  • Facilitate lessons
  • Supervise and monitor daily learning
  • Submit student work samples on a regular basis for assessment and feedback from your OLT.  As a minimum, it is expected that 4-6 quality learning samples are submitted every two weeks, as a base-line.
  • Provide an appropriate learning environment that includes internet access and a variety of engaging, hands-on learning activities

Working Together (Parent, Child and OLT)

The EBUS Elementary program depends on active participation and ongoing collaboration between the parent, student and OLT. Through regular communication we can ensure that the absolute best learning opportunities are made available to your child. All of our elementary teachers are highly skilled at delivering the best possible online learning experience for our students.

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