Whole Child Development

We support students with a wide range of exceptionalities – academic, social/emotional, and physical – to complete secondary school requirements on the high school exit pathway that works for them.

We stress the importance of developing self-advocacy skills to manage all aspects of life.

We encourage the use of technology tools and supports to complete required coursework.

We assist learners to develop daily life skills to live in the community of their choice.

High school exit pathways

There are 3 exit pathways available to learners supported by EBUS special education.

  • Evergreen certification (school leaving certificate).  Learners with a modified program directed by an Individual Education Plan may work towards an Evergreen certificate.
  • Dogwood diploma  Students acquire a minimum of 80 credits in prescribed coursework in order to graduate with a “regular” Dogwood diploma.
  • Adult Graduation diploma  Learners who are at least 18 years of age and accumulate a minimum of 20 credits in Ministry identified coursework are eligible to graduate with an “Adult Dogwood.”

For more information about graduation in BC, visit the Ministry of Education Website.

Is EBUS Special Education the Right fit for you and your child?

Meet a sampling of our learners.

Sampling of our Learners  (PDF)