EBUS Course Exam Information

EBUS Academy Amends Invigilation Policy

In light of the recommendations to all Canadians to stay home and practice social-distancing to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus in BC, we have temporarily modified our invigilation practices as follows:

1. Students will not be required to attend EBUS approved testing sites to complete invigilated assessments
2. Teachers will determine the need for invigilated assessments within individual courses after considering the following:

  • Previous invigilated work
  • Nature of the course with respect to graduation requirements and post-secondary admission
  • Previous Academic Misconduct incidents
  • The level of academic integrity demonstrated by the student work submitted to date
    • Assignments or activities that may demonstrate a level of academic integrity:
    • Project work
    • Oral submissions
    • Personal connections related to the learning outcomes
    • Assignments where process is clear and demonstrated (draft work) and formative (2-way) feedback during the process is evident.

3. In cases where the teacher determines that the course level of academic integrity is low they may require any one or a combination of the following:

  • Oral assessment
  • Alternate form of assessment in lieu of invigilated assessment
  • Home supervised assessment
  • On-line video invigilated test with live supervisor

Each course will have different expectations of the level of academic integrity required and students should visit their courses (on or after April 8, 2020) for detailed information on what will be required.

In-Course Tests & Exams

Each course in grades 10, 11 and 12 MAY have a course exam, such as a unit test, midterm or final. Please look through the particular course outline and material and see if there are any course tests or exams. In-course exams or tests, may be open-book, supervised or invigilated. Students should ask their EBUS teacher, if they are unsure about the type of exams they will be required to write.

Open-book exams do not require supervision, but in some cases, may have a time limit.

Supervised exams require an adult (chosen by the student) to certify that the test was completed, as per the directions.

Invigilated exams require supervision by an EBUS-approved invigilator or approved testing center. Questions or concerns about invigilated exams should be discussed with the course teacher.  Please visit our Invigilation Map to find an EBUS-approved testing site, or invigilator, in your community.

Provincial Graduation Assessments

Students in grades 10 and 12 complete provincial graduation assessments focused on literacy and numeracy. For more information on provincial graduation assessments, please visit the Graduation Assessments section on our website.

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