Graduation Assessments

BC Graduation Assessments

Students graduating in the BC Graduation Program are now required to write the following graduation assessments:

  • Grade 10 Numeracy Assessment (NME 10)
  • Grade 10 Literacy Assessment (LTE 10)
  •  Grade 12 Graduation Literacy Assessment

Students are strongly encouraged to visit the websites of each assessment and to review the criteria and practice activities.

Session Dates

EBUS Academy will arrange the NME 10 and LTE 10 assessments for full-time EBUS students in January and June.

Arrangements will be made at a school as close as possible to your residence.  Assessments must be written in a school setting, and must be administered by a qualified invigilator, such as a school administrator (principal or vice-principal) or certified teacher.

Cross-enrolled students must arrange to write these assessments through their home school.

EBUS students can find detailed information on how to arrange for these assessments is found in the grade 10-12 homeroom, or by contacting Chris Mushumanski

Graduation Numeracy Assessment & Graduation Literacy Assessment Information

The Graduation assessments are aligned to the new curriculum and not linked to specific courses.

Students are encouraged to write the grade ten assessments in grade ten.

Students have up to three opportunities to write the assessments: an initial attempt (required) and up to two rewrites (optional). The best outcome for each assessment will be reported on the final transcript.

Grade 10 Numeracy Assessment

The Grade 10 Numeracy Assessment (NME 10 ) is based on math concepts learned in multiple subjects from K-10 with an emphasis on K-9.

The assessment is electronic and is comprised of 24 online questions, two written response questions and a self-reflection.

The NME 10 is graded using a rubric and a proficiency score (out of 4) will appear on the student’s transcript.

Visit this website for detailed information on the Grade 10 Numeracy Assessment:

Grade 10 Literacy Assessment

The Grade 10 Literacy Assessment (LTE 10) is based on learning across various subject areas, from K-10.

The LTE 10 is electronic and is comprised on selected response and written questions focused on analyzing texts, communicating understanding and marking personal connections.

The assessment contains 3 parts: a required component, a choice component and a self-reflection. The LTE 10 is graded using a rubric; however, students’ final transcripts will show ‘requirements met’ rather than the proficiency score.

Visit this website for detailed information on the Grade 10 Literacy Assessment:

Grade 12 Literacy Assessment

2021-2022 is the first year of the Grade 12 Literacy Assessment.

Students who fulfill all graduation requirements BEFORE October 31, 2021 will not be required to write this assessment.   Students who have not met graduation requirements as of October 31, 2021 MUST write this assessment to graduate.

The Grade 12 Literacy Assessment is a provincial assessment that assesses student proficiency in literacy. It is a graduation requirement and completed during students’ Grade 12 year.

The Grade 12 Literacy Assessment assesses students’ ability to use critical and reflective thinking and analysis to make meaning from a diverse array of texts. It also assesses the ability of students to communicate their ideas, or those found in the texts.

The Grade 12 Literacy Assessment is not based on a particular subject matter or course, but rather on learning across multiple subjects from kindergarten to Grade 12.

Visit this website for detailed information on the Grade 12 Literacy Assessment: