Reporting and Feedback

Student Work Submission Requirements

Your child’s learning can be presented in a variety of ways. Student work samples can take the form of photographs, worksheets, unit tests, audio/video recordings, written work, PowerPoint presentations, etc. In addition to the work submitted through Moodle/BrightSpace, your teacher will also monitor your child’s learning by directly accessing their progress from the different online programs, including subscriptions, offered through EBUS.

Work samples from your child must be submitted on a regular, ongoing basis throughout each reporting period. As a minimum guideline, 4-6 quality work submissions are expected to be submitted every two weeks. Regular work submissions ensure that your teacher can provide quality feedback and properly assess your child’s continued progress.

Reporting and Feedback

EBUS Academy reports on student progress for students in grades K-6 at six points of progress throughout the year using four different reporting formats. Reports are designed to be timely and responsive, providing information about students’ progress in relation to the learning standards of the curriculum. The reporting model is as follows:

 2 Literacy/ Numeracy Snapshots – October and March
  • Teachers will provide an update on literacy and numeracy skills based on assessed work in these areas by means of a snapshot report. Parents will receive the snapshot when work is assessed and through an emailed report.
  • Feedback files will include exemplars and ways to support student learning at home.
2 Teacher-parent Conferences – November and May
  • Teacher-parent conferences will be held within a window of ideally one week and will focus on whether students are meeting expectations in curricular areas at the point of progress.
 1 Mid-Year Summative Report – January
  • Teachers will send home a mid-year report in January which informs parents of whether students are meeting or not meeting expectations at the point of progress in the curricular areas, based on work samples submitted.
  • Where students are not meeting expectations, a comment will be included to provide more detail to parents including constructive feedback on how to support learning in the curricular area at home.
  • Report includes which core competencies have been addressed to date.
 1 End of Year Summative Report – June
  • A formal summative report will be sent home in June Summative report will indicate levels of performance in relation to the learning standards set out in each curricular area.
  • Summative report will include core competencies that students have demonstrated and reflected upon.
Literacy / Numeracy Snapshot
Mid-Year Summative
Literacy / Numeracy Snapshot
End of year Summative

In addition to the points of progress, teachers also provide regular feedback to students and parents specific to student work submissions.

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