Subject: General Electives

This course teaches students the process of using critical and creative thinking skills when designing to meet specifications.  It is a project based course, which allows students to receive credit for both ADST 9 and General Fine Arts 9.  Starting with a guided project, students work through the stages of design and develop their final project for Careers 9.  Then, in the second part of the course, students choose different design scenarios from a range of topic areas such as foods, textiles, marketing, music, drama, and art and apply the design process that they learned in the guided project to complete their chosen design scenarios.  Most of these projects are linked to learning outcomes in the CORE academic Grade 9 subjects as well, so students may count their project work in Problem Solving by Design 9 for their academic courses, too.  Students also have the option to earn tech certificates in Food Safe Level 1, Typing, and Coding.  Finally, students may choose to design their own passion project if they wish.  Previous students have designed and coded a computer game, designed and decorated a cake, designed and produced a music video, written and illustrated a children’s book, etc.

In this course, students will be introduced to and will learn basic American Sign Language. They will be encouraged to appreciate the interconnectedness of language and culture.

Our goal is to expand their understanding and appreciation of other cultures, understand the educational, travel, and career opportunities that acquiring an additional language offers, and recognize the benefits of language-learning. Students are expected to demonstrate their learning by submitting written and video evidence of their learning.

Computer Programming 11 is the study of how computers solve problems. You will learn to break down complex problems, construct algorithms, and program solutions. You will learn to read, trace, and construct simple code, as well as creating your own code to solve a problem.

This course will be available January 2021

Note:  This course does NOT satisfy the Language Arts 12 graduation requirement.

Creative Writing 12 provides an opportunity for students to create texts and take these through editing processes that will have them writing with increased sophistication and independence.

Learners will broaden their previous writing experiences and deepens skills in introspection, reflection, and intention in the writer’s use of language and organization of stories.

Learners will assess written and oral story to help them understand the power of creative storytellers to help us understand the community, the world and the self. They will then practice several different forms of writing in creative non-fiction, memoirs, poetry, the short story.

Through practice, students will learn to take risks and persevere as they prepare to write independent pieces that will be polished to a publishable quality for real life purposes.

Note:  This course does NOT satisfy the Language Arts 12 graduation requirement.

This course uses the five big questions – Who, What, Where, Why and How – to teach students how to pose and answer inquiry questions. Along the way, students learn to search Google more effectively, take notes in a meaningful way, ask powerful questions, reduce bias, and generally learn about the world.

Students have ample opportunities to work on material they’re passionate about and are supported as they develop intellectual passions.  In-course social networking gives students a chance to learn from each other.

Combine your passion with your talent to earn up to four-course credits in Independent Directed Studies!

There are two scenarios for an IDS course.

Firstly, students are often already involved with clubs and lessons in their locale. This option allows students to earn up to four credits for instruction and practice they are already doing as long as that learning can be linked to Ministry approved Prescribed Learning Outcomes. This type of IDS is a popular choice for many senior students taking training in fine arts, but is not limited to fine arts.

Secondly, students may wish to enroll in several shorter courses or training sessions which are linked by a similar focus. For example, students might wish to create an outdoor focus, a media focus, or a social justice focus. Students need to submit a list of courses and activities linked by a focus and then work with the IDS teacher to match the focus activities and lessons to Ministry Approved Prescribed Learning Outcomes. Students will also need to supply evidences of participation and learning in each short course or activity.

Note: Independent Directed Studies 10, 11, 12 do not apply toward Adult Dogwood Graduation Credits

This introductory language course is intended for students who no previous knowledge of Mandarin.

The course will explore communication, acquiring information, experiencing creative works, and understanding cultural influences. It will introduce students to basic Mandarin knowledge and skills such as the phonetic systems, Chinese characters, commonly used vocabulary, and sentence structures and expressions.

The activities and exercises cover oral/writing expression/comprehension, including use of Hanyu Pinyin. Assessments will include written assignments, oral presentations, quizzes, and projects.

Note:  This course does NOT satisfy the Language Arts 12 graduation requirement.

Literary Studies 12 allows students to delve more deeply into literature through increasingly complex texts. Students can explore specific themes, periods, authors, or areas of the world through literary works (fiction and non-fiction) in a variety of media. Linking world literature to current events and concerns/topics important to today’s students will:

  • increase their literacy skills through close reading of appropriately challenging texts.
  • enhance their development of the English Language Arts curricular competencies, both expressive and receptive
  •  expand their development as educated global citizens
  • develop balance and broaden their understanding of themselves and the world
  • further refine higher-level thinking and learning skills

Note:  This course does not satisfy the Language Arts 12 graduation requirement.

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