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June 7 fulltime Grade 10-12 newsletter

Hi everyone, it’s June!  We are down to the final full week of classes before the June 14 deadline for course completion this school year.  Lots for full time high school students at EBUS to be aware of, please make sure you keep on top of the newsletters and announcements.  The last newsletter of this school year will go out by email June 21st.


For students continuing with EBUS for the next school year we have begun our course selection process for September 2024.

Our course selection presentations and further resources are available here

Going into grade 10 video recording is  HERE

Going into grade 11 video recording is  HERE

Going into grade 12 video recording is  HERE

Course selection booklet:

Course planning worksheet:

List of Grade 10 courses with course outlines:

List of Grade 11 courses with course outlines:

List of Grade 12 courses with course outlines:

Returning full time students need to email the 4 courses you would like to start in September by June 24 2024

For students considering leaving EBUS for the next school year, I recommend you contact the new school you are considering as they will be doing course selections much earlier, often around now.  If you plan to leave EBUS at the end of June, please be sure to send your advisor a heads up so we can transfer your file.  If you are staying with EBUS, all you need to do is course selections by June 24.


EBUS is running summer session in 2024 and courses are filling up! See the list of remaining open courses HERE but courses are closing daily as they reach capacity.

Full time students can take 1-2 courses with teacher supports in the summer, with the firm expectation to finish by the end of August, aiming for August 23.    Full time EBUS students can email me with the course name to register for a summer session course.  It is strongly recommended students take one course only as you will have a very high success rate of completion.  Summer session has class size limits and once a course reaches capacity there will be no further seats available so make your request soon!

A few things to be clear about with summer session:

  • Summer courses will show up on your dashboard some time the week of May 21st, and only the first unit or few assignments will be available until the last week of June when the entire course will open.
  • The course must be finished in the summer, aim for August 23 as a hard deadline.
  • If you have not completed 10% of the course by July 15, or 50% by August 4 you may be withdrawn
  • This is not a head start for the next school year. 

Some students wonder think about taking 2 summer courses.  Summer session is significantly more challenging compared to the regular school year and we want to see you successful and not disappointed or frustrated.

Because summer session is only 2.5 months long, compared to 10 months for a regular school year course, you will need to carefully plan your schedule.  Also note that students who are not 80% complete by August 23 risk not getting an extension, and those that do must finish the course by the end of September at the absolute latest, or the student will be withdrawn and need to retake the entire course.

We are asking all students who are requesting 2 courses for summer session to email me a detailed plan with the following:

  • What other activities, jobs, sports or trips or holidays you have planned for the summer and the dates these are happening
  • When you will begin the course and submit the first completed assignment before June 10th
  • Which days of the week will you be working on assignments and how many hours each day you will schedule for course work completion
  • Confirmation that you have discussed this plan with your parent/guardian

As teachers return to their regular school year job in early September, it is essential students finish their course by the end of August.  Note that due to ministry policy, courses students are active in between September and May 7 cannot be moved to summer session. 


At about this time in the school year families begin to look at time remaining before summer holidays, the amount of work to be completed before then, and ask what happens after the guarantee date of June 14. 

We encourage all students to finish their course work by the June 14 deadlines for a variety of reasons, but if necessary, students who are making progress can continue into the fall with no penalty.  Email the specific teacher(s) with your request so they can best inform you of your options.

In the mean time keep working regularly, consistently and diligently until the end of June but be aware:

  • June 14 is the guarantee date
    • All work finished by this date will be reflected on student’s EBUS report card by end of June.
  • From June 28-Sept 3 EBUS is closed for summer break, meaning
    • there are no teachers or staff answering emails/phone calls, marking, setting up tests, or providing teacher supports for regular school year courses. 
    • ‘Regular school year’ computer servers will be down for annual maintenance.  This means students who start courses from September until now in the school year, will not have course access for an extended period of time in the summer.
    • This will not affect our annual Summer Session as that will be run on a separate server. 

Please note that transferring from ‘school year’ or current courses to ‘summer session courses’ is not an option.  Please connect with your academic advisor if you have any questions or concerns.

So, follow Dory’s lead from Finding Nemo – just keep working…just keep working.


As our final installation of the What About? the question for our graduating students is how do I actually graduate?

Once you have finished all of your courses and the required graduation assessments, it will take up to 10 school days to get your marks sent to the Ministry of Education to add to your transcript.  It is the student’s responsibility to check their transcripts regularly on the student secure website to ensure there are no mistakes or errors.  Instructions on how to check your transcript are in the homeroom and all high school students should do this regularly. 

Once eligible to graduate in June, the Ministry will produce your transcript and diploma and mail them to EBUS and we will mail them to you.  You can imagine at this time in the school year it is extremely busy there, so expect your official Transcript and Diploma to be mailed to you by mid-November.  You will be “graduated” well before then, but the record will take some time to arrive in your hands.

If you are going to college or university, as soon as your courses show up on your transcript they are available to your chosen schools for your application.


This school year’s student planner can be found HERE

With the weather improving, temperatures rising and spring spreading across our communities, one of the wise things everyone can do is start getting outside more often.  Outdoor exercise is one of the highly recommended activities to benefit you mentally and physically.  Give it a try!

Over the years we have collected a number of free online resources to help with mental health.  I encourage you to email me if you have a great free resource not listed here! 


  • June 10-14 Graduation Assessment session
  • June 14 year end work submission deadline
  • June 24 course selections for September deadline email to
  • June 25 summer session courses fully open
  • June 27 report cards available on EBUS dashboards
  • June 28 EBUS closed for the school year
  • July 2 summer sessions teachers begin
  • August 23 summer session completion date
  • September 3 2024-25 school year begins


Parents, you can access your student’s progress and report cards on the EBUS parent portal:  We recommend parents log in with their student at least once a week to stay actively engaged in their learning and progress.  Students, you can access your report cards from your dashboard, look for the A+ icon in the upper right-hand corner.  Report cards are published 3 times a year; December, March, June and for summer session courses only, September.

As I get asked this often, if your student plans to finish their course(s) by the June deadlines regardless of the start date, they should be 90% complete or more at this time. 


Currently I am working from home.  To book a phone appt with me, use and select the appropriate amount of time you need when you are available for my call.  My calls will show up as SD91 for School District 91.  EBUS Academy also set up Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone calls so I now have a phone number you can reach me at!  I am available at 1-250-567-4413 ext 7409.   Booking a phone appt is the easiest way to ensure you will reach me, but I will answer calls during the workday when available.  

Keep well, the final newsletter for this school year will be Friday June 21st.

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