Summer Session

20th Century World History 12

20th Century World History 12 introduces the student to the history of the twentieth century, beginning with the treaties that ended World War I, and ending with the collapse of … Read more

Anatomy and Physiology 12

Anatomy and Physiology 12 is a course which studies cell structure, function and processes as well as the human body. It focuses on big ideas related to homeostasis, DNA and … Read more

BC First Peoples 12

BC First Peoples 12 looks at how the identities, worldviews, and language of BC First Peoples are renewed, sustained, and transformed through their connection to the land. Students will investigate … Read more

Career Life Connections 12

CLC is a senior level online course that continues the learning from Career Life Education. It focuses on applying personal career-life management knowledge, skills, and strategies to the one’s own … Read more

Career Life Education 10

Career Life Education (replacing BC Planning 10) is an important and useful course that teaches practical life skills and is a required course for all students in BC.  Career Life … Read more

Child Development & Caregiving 12

This four credit course provides invaluable information on topics surrounding pregnancy and child birth. It will also provide details on child development from birth to age 12, as well as … Read more

Comparative World Religion 12

Through the ages, religions around the world have shaped the political, social, and cultural aspects of the world. Understanding much of what has happened in human history and what is … Read more

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