10-12 Homeroom

EBUS Academy

Welcome to EBUS 2021-2022

Are you requesting student records, or requesting a student be withdrawn or pre-transitioned?  Please email our registrars

Registrars are working through the applications as quickly as possible.  The welcome email, with login information, should be received within 5-7 business days.

Registrations for the current school year are now CLOSED.

Summer Session 2022 – Enrollment opened on May 2nd.  Please click here to view the course offerings and information.


Inclusive (Special) Education Our next intake is for September 2022.  Click here  to learn more about our program and on how to  book an appointment to discuss future enrollment.

Kindergarten enrollment opens March 7th, 2022, click here for more information.

Elementary, Middle Years ( grade 7-9) and Secondary ( 10-12) and Adult program enrollment will open April 4, 2022

Cross Enrollment  for Sept. 2022 begins June 27, 2022, click here for information

Marks and Transcripts FAQ