Why EBUS Academy?

EBUS Academy is the oldest and one of the largest distributed learning schools in the province,currently enrolling over 3000 learners. We have been helping students learn since 1993 and pride ourselves on our strong online community.


EBUS provides technical, financial and educational supports that enable each of our students to work at their pace and in their chosen environment to achieve academic success. EBUS provides students with access to a variety of world class learning resources including a variety of subscriptions to online educational sites.


Our programs are individualized to meet the unique needs and interests of our students. We offer flexibility in ensuring that students meet provincial learning outcomes.


We pride ourselves on a very strong online school community. A high level of communication between students, parents and EBUS staff is maintained at all times.

Students can get involved with their EBUS student community in various ways, including participation in virtual classes (Vclasses) with peers, and attending EBUS field trips and events!  EBUS parents are welcome and encouraged to join the long-standing EBUS Parent Advisory Council (PAC) or attend PAC meetings held virtually throughout the year.

EBUS Academy