Online Advantage

EBUS is designed to fit your life by offering flexible schedules, accelerated pace options, and a large variety of core and elective classes, all grounded in open communication between teachers and students, and a vibrant online community.

Designed to Fit Your Life

Do you need a flexible schedule? Are you pursuing your passion?

From actors to athletes to world travellers, students needing a flexible educational program will find success in online learning.

Pacing options with EBUS allow you to take up to a complete school year to complete secondary courses or to shorten the pace to a few months if needed.

If you need an alternative study schedule to the traditional Monday to Friday 9 – 3….think online learning!

Better Variety of Core and Elective Content

Many small, rural schools are not able to offer all core courses due to a shortage of experienced teachers or low enrollment making distance learning a viable option.

Senior Sciences to Social Justice to Foods, EBUS offers a complete K – 12 education option with a variety of core and elective courses.

Learn/Graduate Faster

If you have got what it takes, we can help you achieve your goals. Online learning allows students to take courses as they are ready for them rather than waiting to reach a certain grade level.

Keep your child challenged and motivated by providing appropriate level studies all of the time.

High Frequency Connections between Teachers and Students

EBUS believes in strong communication with students and families. We recognize that for students to succeed, there needs to be a connection between the teacher and the student. High frequency interactions create optimal learning environments for all students at all levels.

Get Connected

EBUS prides itself on building a strong, vibrant online community that mirrors the opportunities for students in brick and mortar schools.

During the school year, we host various events and field trips throughout the province, where students can meet their teachers and peers.

We have had students travel both within BC and internationally on field trip opportunities.

We hold two graduation ceremonies annually to honour our graduates and their families. EBUS offers a variety of extra curricular programming for students throughout the school year.

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