Parent & Student Testimonials

Parent & Student Testimonials:

I really like that the EBUS website has a curriculum with worksheets and examples, specific to that grade for each subject area. I also like how the teacher puts up suggestions of activities each month for different subject areas. It makes the learning experience more fun and more interactive with the EBUS website.

~ Victoria

EBUS has been such an amazing fit for both our kids. The flexibility of learning, the huge support from our teacher, and the easy access to funding and online curriculum have all been key to our kids’ education needs. We love the field trips, and Vclasses as well. 

~ Jules

EBUS Academy works well for my daughter as they are very understanding, helpful, and they try really hard. We love our support teacher. She is amazing. We are able to work at our own pace which is nice. EBUS Moodle is very easy to work with. 

~ Shawna

I would like to take this time to applaud the team at EBUS Academy for all they great support this past year. This was my first year as a home learner. EBUS made this transition for me simple. It was really appreciated that I felt no question I asked wasn’t important. The site was easy to get around after I understood it, thanks again for all your help. Looking forward to next year with EBUS on my team.

~ Judee

Lots of nice things to say about EBUS! Teachers flexible with the needs of both student and parents. Having access to a long list of prepaid subscriptions online is a great resource to enjoy. Fast responses whenever parents need to contact school. Keep up the great work!  

~ Annie (mother of 7)

We love working with our OLT and appreciate the flexibility she has with our curriculum (the autonomy to choose the right tools that work for our kids and put them into action at home) and the generous support she provides as needed. We love EBUS! 

~ April