About Online Learning

Is it right for you or your child? How does it work? Discover the answers to your questions about online learning.

The benefits and how it works

EBUS Academy students utilize their home computer and access to the internet to work with their online teacher to complete grade level learning objectives. Certified public school teachers guide and assess student’s progress to provide a quality education in your home.

How much does it cost?

EBUS Academy, an accredited public school, is free for all BC residents.

Does my child need to work at the same pace as other students?

The online learning environment provides control, flexibility and the opportunity for students to work at their own pace according their individual learning style. As the online learning experience is built around the student’s needs, timetables and personal goals, EBUS Academy students frequently find that they are able to perform better in the online environment.

My child requires flexibility, is this possible in the online environment?

Increasingly, parents and educators are becoming aware that instruction needs to be differentiated depending on the needs of the student. A ‘one-size fits all’ educational approach doesn’t work for everyone. A growing number of students across North America are finding that learning on their computer, at their own pace, and in a home environment is allowing them to achieve both academic and personal goals.

If I choose online learning, will my child suffer socially?

Many parents worry that learning at home will mean that their child misses out on the “social” opportunities offered at ‘brick and mortar’ schools. Students who choose online learning are not isolated. In the past, distance education students were those who could not attend school. In British Columbia, they lived primarily in lighthouses and in isolated rural settings. The majority of EBUS students live in towns and cities in the most populated parts of our province. We have many more opportunities to engage socially and recreationally with peers.

Computer Equipment…what do I need?

Students are required to have their own computer system capable of accessing the internet (broadband access is recommended.) Our help desk currently supports PC users, however we have a number of families who utilize MAC systems.

My child has Special Needs

Special Needs applications are dealt with on a case by case basis as we have a limited special education enrolment. We have a provincially recognized special education staff that work with families to individualize learning programs. Please contact us for further information regarding a Special Needs application.

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