Grade Level:
  • 2018 Graduation Program
  • Does NOT count toward Adult Graduation Program

Science 10

Course Outline:

Physics 11

Physics 11 explores the world of motion and energy.  It is designed to build students’ knowledge of core physics concepts.  The course focuses on four big ideas.  An object’s motion can be predicted, analyzed and described.  Forces influence the motion of an object.  Energy is found in different forms, is conserved, and has the ability to do work.  Mechanical waves transfer energy but not matter.

Physics 11 emphasizes real-life applications and helps students connect their learning to the world around them.  Several virtual labs and one hands-on home lab deepen student understanding of content and scaffold important lab writing skills. Physics 11 provides a solid foundation for students carrying on to physics 12.

Students may take this course as part of the EBUS Academy pre-science program. The EBUS pre-science program offers students an opportunity to take online science 11 and 12 courses and access enriched learning opportunities through the University of Northern BC (UNBC). For more information, please visit the EBUS pre-science program