Grade Level:
Credits: 4
  • 2018 Graduation Program
  • Does NOT count toward Adult Graduation Program

Science 10, Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-calculus 10.

Course Outline:

Chemistry 11

Chemistry 11 explores the world of science on an atomic level and is designed to build students’ knowledge of core chemistry concepts.

The course focuses on big ideas related to atoms, molecules and moles, chemical reactions and energy, solution chemistry, and organic chemistry.  Chemistry 11 emphasizes real-life applications of chemistry and helps students connect their learning to the world around them.

Several virtual labs and one hands-on home lab deepen student understanding of content and scaffold important lab skills that will be required for future science courses and a variety of post-secondary programs. Students work through on-line lessons and a textbook. This course contains assignments, labs, projects and two midterm exams.

Students may take this course as part of the EBUS Academy pre-science program. The EBUS pre-science program offers students an opportunity to take online science 11 and 12 courses and access enriched learning opportunities through the University of Northern BC (UNBC). For more information, please visit the EBUS pre-science program

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