Art Studio 10 (Visual Arts)

Grade Level:
Credits: 4
  • 2018 Graduation Program
  • Does NOT count toward Adult Graduation Program


Course Outline:

Art Studio 10 (Visual Arts)

If you love to experiment with art materials and expand your artistic skills and knowledge, then this is the course for you! 

In this gamified Art Studio 10, learners will create a variety of artwork, using a different processes, techniques, and materials, in addition to exploring noteworthy artists. 

Learners will become familiar with the elements of visual, principles of design in addition to learning to critique artwork and becoming familiar with major art movements. 

Learners are encouraged to take creative risks and reflect on their personally meaningful artistic works.  Independent thinking and creativity are encouraged, while you improve your artistic skills through a variety of 2-D and 3-D projects.

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