** Deadline for submitting student work is June 12th**

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Results are out and transcripts have been updated!

As you may be aware, nearly all schools in BC now use an online student information system, MyEd BC.  Over the last year, schools have migrated to this new system.  Each time a new cohort of schools migrate, the system has been less than perfect in retaining records.  We ask all EBUS students to carefully check their transcript to ensure that all of their completed courses are there. We encourage all grades 10-12 students to check their transcripts a few times year, preferably in early March and early August.

Students can see their ministry transcript on the student secure website.  There are instructions in the homeroom, under the grade level, as to how to create an account on the student secure website.

If you have any questions, or find any discrepancies, please let me know!


Just a reminder that for those students who qualify for the internet reimbursement with the learning support funds, please send in your February internet statement for reimbursement.  To get more information on the learning support funds, visit and

As well, a reminder that all learning support funds must be used by Friday May 27 2016.

Student ID Card Requests – please send your request to Nancy Bangs. Don’t forget to include a picture.


Dashboard? Moodle? WHERE AM I!??


Graduation Program details


The destination of graduation is in sight, and you are lining up to complete high school this year! If you are in grade 12, this section is for you!

BC Dogwood Planner 2016

Post Secondary Application times lines for 2016-2017

Creating a Student Account with the Ministry of Education

Provincial Exams FAQ’s – Grade 12

2016-2017 Report Card deadlines

High school graduation – FAQ’s


Click here for scholarships, bursaries and awards and $$$ contests


If you are in Grade 11, this section is for you.

Creating a Student Account with the Ministry of Education

Provincial Exam FAQ’s – Grade 11

2016-2017 Report Card deadlines


If you are in grade 10, this is the section for you! All topics in this area will be intended for grade 10 students who are full time at EBUS.

Creating a Student Account with the Ministry of Education

Provincial Exam FAQ’s – Grade 10

2016-2017 Report Card deadlines


2017 Clean Tech Competition

“Create a Greener Future”
Registration opens January 16!

Win up to $10,000!

The Clean Tech Competition is an international research and design challenge for 15-18 year old pre-university students. This is a prestigious educational opportunity for students across the world that challenges students to be innovative while encouraging their passion for the sciences and we want to invite the students of Nechako Lakes School District to participate in this year’s competition!

2016 saw the largest competition ever and Clean Tech continues to grow! There were 392 teams from 19 different countries participated with almost 1,000 total students participating. Along with the 19 countries, the final round had four different nations represented and competing for first prize! And, we want students from the Nechako Lakes District in the Clean Tech Competition this year and in years to come!

Competition Information
Each year, the Clean Tech Competition encourages scientific understanding of real-world issues and the integration of environmentally responsible energy sources.

  • The 2017 Challenge: “Creating a Greener Future” asks students to develop a clean technology solution to the problems associate with buildings, homes, efficiency and building materials.
  • Teams consist of 1-3 students, are assisted by a Team Leader (i.e. parent, teacher, or mentor), to develop a written proposal.
  • There is no entry fee.
  • Online registration opens January 16!
  • First Round Paper Submissions are due 14 April, 20176.
  • 10 Finalist Teams are selected, given a $200 (USD) stipend and matched with a Mentor to help them prepare a Prototype and presentation for the Finalist Event.
  • Finalists compete for the $10,000 (USD) grand prize and ‘Continued Mentorship’ at the 2017
  • Final event to happen at Stony Brook University, NY, USA!
  • Official Competition website

UBC Summer Science Program 2017

The UBC Sumer Science Program 2017 is now open for registration. The program is open to all students going into grades 9-12 in the Fall of 2017, who are of First Nations, Inuit or Métis ancestry. This is a one-week cultural, health and science program for Aboriginal students going into grades 9-12. The program promotes interest in health and science programs through firsthand experience at the University of British Columbia. Great opportunities to meet new friends, eat great food, connect with Elders and role models, and enjoy fun, laughter and learning.

For more information or to apply, see the attached brochure or go to

Application deadline is May 1st, 2017. Early application is strongly encouraged.

EBUS is going to GIFTS (Gulf Islands Film and Television School)


Project Heavy Duty – 2017

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