Graduation Program Details

Grade 12’s applying to post-secondary: PSI choices

To all gr. 12 students applying for post-secondary school (college/university)  please be sure to login to your Student Secure Web account and make your PSI choice selection. Get this done by the end of March.


OK, FOR FREE, IN MAY, the Ministry of Education will make your official transcripts and interim marks available to colleges/universities you apply to.  And, IN JULY, they will send your official final graduation transcript to your chosen colleges/universities.
This is great, since it automates the process and you don’t have to do the transcript requesting/ordering/mailing work.  And it’s FREE….but you have to authorize the Ministry to do it for you.

So, login to your STS account (the one that has your transcripts and provincial exam results).  Click the link to do with Post-Secondary Institution selections (PSI).  Choose the schools to which you’ve applied.  One thing is they’ve rolled the BC schools all into one item, so if you’re just applying in BC, you can select that one thing (called “All BC PSI’s”, or some such).

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with questions about this!

Grade 12’s applying for September post-secondary:
 If you’re graduating this year and you plan to attend college or university in September, please make sure to visit your Student Secure Web account (Ministry of Education account), and make your so-called PSI selections.  This allows the Ministry of Education to send your marks information directly to the school’s you’ve applied to.

– make your PSI selections by March 1 (!!) for your PSI to be able to receive “preliminary” marks info.

-make your selections by May 1 in order for your PSI to receive interim marks info in May (after your April report card).


Creating a Student Account with the Ministry of Education

As of Sept 25 2017, the ministry of education changed where students can access their high school transcripts.

An important thing for all grade 10-12 students to do is to set up and use Student Transcripts Service.  This is a service run by the Ministry of Education, not by EBUS.  Your STS account contains:

  • The official record of your course credits
  • provincial exam marks
  • other services, such as designating which Colleges and Universities should receive your transcripts (for grade 12s)

You can find it at

To set up your account, you will need your full legal name, and your PEN (personal education number).  You can find your 9-digit PEN on your EBUS Dashboard.

Have a look around your STS account.  One thing you want to do is review your marks and look for anything incorrect or missing.  NOTE your school marks are only sent to your account a few times per year, November, February, April and July.  Any courses completed between these dates will have the mark sent to the ministry during the next date.  If you are starting high school, you will need to wait until you finish a course before you will be able to set up your account, usually towards the end of February each year. After that, you can access it at any time.

If you have any questions about thing you see in your account, please don’t hesitate to contact Chris


Dogwood Planner and Grad Planner: helpful documents

The Ministry of Education has developed the new BC Dogwood Planner, an annual document published in January for students in Grade 12. The BC Dogwood Planner is a companion document of the Grad Planner addressing the top questions from students in their graduation year.
Please have a look at these 2 PDFS as they do a really good job of summarizing many questions and concerns related to grad credits, transcripts, post-secondary plans, etc.