Social Science

20th Century World History 12 introduces the student to the history of the twentieth century, beginning with the treaties that ended World War I, and ending with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

While studying these events, students will also be learning something of the skills necessary to interpret historical events — how to ensure historical information is accurate and relevant, how to develop historical empathy, and how to present clear, logical arguments based on a knowledge of the events, for example.

These skills will be helpful throughout life.

BC First Peoples 12 looks at how the identities, worldviews, and language of BC First Peoples are renewed, sustained, and transformed through their connection to the land.

Students will investigate how the impact of contact and colonialism continues to affect the political, social, and economic lives of BC First Peoples.

Students will study how cultural expressions convey the richness, diversity, and resiliency of BC First Peoples.

Students will gain an understanding of how, through self-governance, leadership, and self-determination, BC First Peoples challenge and resist Canada’s ongoing colonialism.

As a student in grade 8, you might have started to reflect or think about what some of your strengths and skills that you have made possible for yourself.   As you learn more about yourself and get older, these attributes will come in handy as you begin to enter the job market.

The Career Education 8 curriculum will help build a foundation of learning for Career Education 9 and Career Life Education 10.

Students will develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes, which will assist them in making informed decisions as they plan future education and career paths.

In Career Education 8, students begin to explore the concepts of potential preferences in their future employment, learning styles, interests, skills and what motivates them.

Career Life Connections 12 is a 4 credit online self-paced course required for graduation.  It is intended to prepare grade 12 students for a successful transition to career and life beyond high school.

The 6 main areas of study include:

  •  Looking at how active citizenship and lifelong learning foster career opportunities
  • Examining how a sense of purpose and career-life balance support well-being
  • Engaging in network building and mentorship opportunities
  • Examining internal and external factors, local and global trends for ongoing cycles of career-life decisions
  • 30 hours of work or volunteer experience
  • The CLC capstone presentation

CLC is required under the 2018 Graduation Program.

This four credit course provides invaluable information on topics surrounding pregnancy and child birth.

It will also provide details on child development from birth to age 12, as well as how to care for babies and children in each stage of development.

This is an excellent course for those considering careers involving children, including healthcare, teaching, childcare, and recreation, or for those who simply enjoy being around children or who plan to eventually become a parent in the future.

This Grade 12 course is also open to Grade 11 students who are interested in this topic.

In Explorations in Social Studies 11 students will build a strong foundation across many skill sets, engage in inquiry and community based learning, and improve critical thinking abilities.

Students will explore various perspectives of the past, present, and future of cultures and geography through the lenses of law, social justice, philosophy, and economics. This course will allow students to enhance their understanding of our world and their place in it.

How do you take a Foods & Nutrition course online, you ask? It’s simple. Several online resources help you experiment with cooking, while developing knowledge, skills, and attitudes for present and future applications.

Students are presented with a variety of current issues related to food. You have the opportunity to show your learning in a variety of ways. This course is both creative and fun!

Food Studies 12 focuses on planning and preparing nutritious foods, by accessing an online cooking school resource.

Students learn how to make fantastic food, while understanding and demonstrating specific skills related to the lessons.

Students also increase their knowledge of the current topics related to food production, distribution and marketing.

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