Grade Level:
Credits: 4
  • 2018 Graduation Program

Science 10

Start-up included: Yes

Science For Citizens 11

Science for Citizens 11 prepares students for science in the work place and focuses on real-world, practical applications of science.

The course focuses on helping students build skills around three big ideas: scientific processes and knowledge impact our daily lives and decisions; how scientific technology and knowledge is used in the workplace; and an understanding of science that enables us, as citizens, to respond and adapt to change on a local and global level.

The course delivers instruction through videos in which students can made notes. There are assignments, chapter tests and projects in which students will apply their understanding and develop competencies.

Students may take this course as part of the EBUS Academy pre-science program. The EBUS pre-science program offers students an opportunity to take online science 11 and 12 courses and access enriched learning opportunities through the University of Northern BC (UNBC). For more information, please visit the EBUS pre-science program