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Humanities 8

Humanities 8 incorporates the topics of Social Studies 8- which discusses the 7th Century to 1750-with the communications skills of English Language Arts 8.  In this project-based course, students will also earn credit for Arts Education 8 and ADST 8 (Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies).   Through project-based learning, students study historical events, and gain an understanding of the people, places, issues, and events that have shaped the world they live in. By studying some of the many different cultures and ways of life that exist and have existed throughout the world, students will develop both a deeper understanding of the differences between peoples and an appreciation of the aspects of human experience shared across time and space.

Students develop an understanding and appreciation of language and literature, and the capacity to engage fully as literate and responsible citizens in a digital age. Students are guided in learning to think critically, creatively, and reflectively; to construct a sense of personal and cultural identity; and to be respectful of a range of perspectives and worldviews.

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