Grade Level:
Credits: 4
Course Outline:
Start-up included: Yes

Francais langue seconde-immersion 12

This course is for students who have knowledge of French such as students who have attended French Immersion (from kindergarten to grade 11), Intensive French (grades 6 to 11) or who are Francophone.

Prerequisite courses are any of the BC French Immersion Grade 11 courses. Students should be at least at a B1 level based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to complete this course. “French Immersion 12 is required to receive a bilingual diploma. The objective of this course is to help students to integrate and enhance the linguistic competencies and linguistic and cultural knowledge acquired during past learning experiences. French Immersion 12 will enable students to gain an overview of the various factors that shape their bilingual identity. It offers many opportunities for students to deepen their knowledge of themselves and others in a changing world. In addition, students will explore different types and genres of texts, from various sources, that reflect Francophone and First Peoples perspectives. The course will encourage students to use critical and creative thinking to analyze various communication situations and refine their communication skills in diverse contexts in order to achieve their personal and career objectives”.

EBUS does not offer the French language test : Évaluation de littératie de la 12e année – Français langue seconde-immersion. You will need to talk to your school counselor or contact your school district to learn where you can write this assessment. 

(French Immersion Language Arts Curriculum, Province of British Columbia, 2018