English Studies 12

Grade Level:
Credits: 4
  • 2018 Graduation Program
  • Adult Graduation Program

English 11

Course Outline:

English Studies 12

The English Studies 12 course is one of the two options for graduation requirements. It offers the opportunity for personal development in the context of making connections.

Students will consider diverse perspectives and practice the respectful exchange of ideas in asynchronous online class conversations with peers. Students will be invited to think deeply through assignments, designed to guide the realization of awareness and skills toward sharing insight rather than just information.

The Big Ideas articulated in BC Education Plan’s new curriculum are explored through the six units in the course: Perspective, Reconciliation, Story, Media and Pop Culture, issues, and Author Study. Within these units students will recognize culturally relevant and current authors such as Rupi Kaur, Gord Downie, and Margaret Atwood, alongside names that may be less familiar, such as Buffy Ste. Marie, Wab Kinew, and Randy Pausch. In addition to traditional communication methods such as the expository essay, students will encounter podcasts, spoken word performances, and hashtags.

Past students have shared that the completion of this course resulted in unexpected personal growth as well as an expansion of both self and cultural awareness.

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