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Welcome!  This page will be used to post messages and updates about life in general in grades 10, 11, and 12 at EBUS.

Hi everyone

Just wanted to let you know our website for course selection for the 2017-2018 school year is open and ready for students!  All students need to fill in their requests at

Courses will be added to student dashboards in September, in the order they are received.

We also hosted 3 Vclass presentations regarding the new grad program, course selection, learning support funds and more this week.  Here are the recordings:

Students going into grade 10:

Students going into grade 11:

Students going into grade 12:

I strongly recommend watching the appropriate video for you or your student to ensure you are getting all the info critical for success next year.

As always, if you have questions, please let me know.

Learning Support Funds
For families looking to claim their internet reimbursement, you need to email your complete internet statement to and as students have funds available, we will mail you a cheque for up to $400. Click the links for all the details on the Learning Support Funds, and Internet Reimbursement, along with the 4 links at the bottom of that webpage.

EBUS is proud to announce a new grade 11 elective called Electronic Music Production 11. If you have questions about the course, please email the teacher Steve Hobson

We are also now ready to open registration for Forensic Sciences II 11, and for more info on the course, email Shelley

Grade 12

For those students who are looking to graduate in June 2017, we have a few reminders. First is that you need to start all of your remaining courses necessary for graduation no later than the middle of February to ensure you can finish your course by the June deadlines. Required Grad Transitions presentations will begin March 7, to sign up for a time slot, please visit the course in moodle. Chris will be going over all the grade 12 credit checks over the next few weeks to ensure students are in position to meet grad requirements and have all the courses needed. EBUS will be hosting a graduation ceremony again, one in our home town of Vanderhoof on Saturday May 27, and then one in Vancouver Saturday June 3. More information will be coming out soon about those two ceremonies, but it will only be sent to students who are in contention to graduate in June. Finally, EBUS has a number of scholarships and bursaries available for students to apply for and I have been posting a number of external ones in the homeroom. The EBUS and School District 91 scholarship booklet should be ready by late February or early March, watch for announcements in the homeroom.
Any questions please contact Chris.

To ensure families are clear, the process of qualifying for the funding in grade 9, is not the same for grades 10-12.  In grades 10-12, the funding is course based, meaning the student can get $125 per active course to a maximum $1000 per school year.  For a grade 10-12 student to qualify, they need to make approximately 20% or more progress in 3 or more courses, and then a pre-loaded Visa will be sent automatically.  EBUS checks monthly for new students who qualify or to add more funds to existing Visas.  If a student qualifies for the full $1000 (8 courses), the ministry allocates $600 as learning support funds and $400 for internet reimbursements.  For families looking for internet reimbursements, please email in your February 2017 internet statement to and we will send you a reimbursement cheque.  The ministry does not allow EBUS to reimburse families for purchases made before the Visa arrives, but you can send in your February internet bill and we can reimburse that.  All funds need to be spent by the last Friday in May, and any unused funds are taken back by the ministry.  Funds cannot be carried over to the next school year.

BCCIE’s partner, Beijing International Education Exchange (BIEE), the international arm of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, has again extended an invitation for 22 secondary-school students from across British Columbia to participate in the 2017 Beijing International Student Summer Camp.  The dates have yet to be fixed, but according to the preliminary program, the camp will take place mid-July 2017 in Beijing, China. Two chaperones/teachers from the BC K-12 system and one BCCIE representative will accompany the students on the 10-day Summer Camp.  To be considered, students should contact Chris or Brian Naka.

If you live in the School District 91 area or are able to travel up north, check out this opportunit

Announcing our annual Nechako Valley Speech Arts Festival, to be held this year in Vanderhoof on Monday, March 13, 2017!   Students of any age may enter, individually or in groups.  Whether your focus is drama, literature, oratory, personal writing, or just presenting in public, you will find a class to fit among the many available.  This is a good way to develop public communication skills.  Participants will receive professional adjudication as well as the chance to win an award. Visit to find out the details.

Here is the link to the recording for the Grade 10 & 11 presentation.


Vancouver Convention Centre ‚Äď East, Exhibition Hall B, Convention Level, 999 Canada Place Way

Full time EBUS students, in grades 4-12, can enter the District 91 Science Fair, held in Burns Lake in March.  Entry forms must be received by March 2, 2017, and should be mailed to Nonie Little, the District Science Fair Co-ordinator.   See the info-package.

Information on the new BC Curriculum


Here are the deadlines for the 2016-2017 school year report cards:

November Report Cards: All work in by October 28, 2016, FOR THE HUMANITIES (LANGUAGE ARTS AND ALL SOCIAL STUDIES) OCT 21

January Report Cards: All work in by January 13, 2017 FOR THE HUMANITIES JANUARY 6

March Report Cards: All work in by March 20,2017 FOR THE HUMANITIES MARCH 13

June Report Cards All work in by June 12, 2017 FOR THE HUMANITIES JUNE 5

Any questions, please ask!

Have a great year.


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