Primary (Grades K-3)

Primary Program Details

  • When a child turns 5 years of age between January 1 and December 31 of any given year, he or she can register to start Kindergarten in     September of that same year
  • The K–3 Primary Program follows the BC Ministry of Education guidelines and curriculum. See Curriculum at a Glance.
  • Students learn at their own pace; programming is based on student interest, strengths, and learning needs
  • Project-based and inquiry-based learning is strongly encouraged and often encompasses multiple subject areas
  • Remedial support is provided and resources are suggested based on individual need
  • The K–3 program is flexible and we understand the unique needs of the individual learner
  • There are many instructional options, resources, and learning activities to choose from to best suit the needs and learning style of your child

Welcome Package

Theodore Roosevelt said “Believe you can and you’re halfway there”. We encourage our students to take this philosophy to heart …

BC’s New Curriculum

The Ministry of Education has implemented new curriculum for grades K-12. The curriculum will ensure students learn the basics like …

Primary Teaching Team

Meet our EBUS primary team! …

The EBUS Primary Program provides:

  • Dedicated, caring teachers committed to your student’s success.
  • Ongoing, personalized feedback and interaction with your OLT (Online Teacher)
  • Flexibility and choice.
  • A BC public school, we follow BC Ministry of Education curriculum.
  • Access to Moodle/BrightSpace grade-level classrooms and teacher homerooms containing a variety of resources, sites, activities, and project-ideas in all subject areas which align to the curriculum
  • Support and guidance for promoting the development of strong numeracy and literacy skills
  • Access to a wide variety of Ministry approved online programs and subscriptions to support learners in reading, math, science, world events, and more. (See Subscription List).
  • Regular v-classes (virtual classes) that engage students in their learning and strengthen the sense of community by bringing learners together
  • Free student activity books (student planner, Friends For Life, Heartsmart Kids, Strong Nations readers)
  • iPads for students enrolling in Kindergarten as part of our iPad lender program.
  • We strive to offer a wide variety of field trips and special events held locally in the Central Interior, as well as in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.
  • Up to $600 available funding for lessons (third-party services)
  • Access to Special Education resources and support.
  • First Nations (Aboriginal Education) resources, funding, tutoring support, and cultural events.
  • Our teachers take part in ongoing Pro-D and learning opportunities relevant to distance learning
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