EBUS Academy – Technical Assistance 1.800.567.1236 ext. 2255

Minimum Technical Requirements: • Personal computer – Windows 7 of higher.  We do not support Linux systems.

• High Speed Internet Recommended:

• Printer • Scanner • Headset/Microphone

• Microsoft Office 2013  – Every enrolled EBUS student can install this software, if they sign the agreement.

We recommend Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 40.0.3, Safari or Google Chrome. Some browsers may not work as well as others with some of our software.

Java 7 update 79

VLC player 2.2.1

Families are responsible for their own computer maintenance and repairs and basic knowledge of how to use their system.

All families are responsible for their own Internet Service provision. This may be included as part of the technology portion of the Reimbursement claim subject to the current guidelines.

WHEN TO CONTACT YOUR COURSE INSTRUCTOR: If you have questions regarding the content in your course, your materials, pace, assessments, broken links, or anything else related to the course you are taking, please contact your EBUS course instructor. Use Moodle to message your teacher.

WHEN TO CONTACT the TECHNICAL HELP DESK: Before contacting our Help Desk, please look through the topics discussed here first to see if your problem is addressed. If you are unable to log into your Moodle dashboard or require help that relates to your password, login, browser, or other technical issues, you may contact our technical support representative as shown below. Target turnaround time on helpdesk requests is 24 business hours during the regular school year; we will respond to you sooner if possible. Email: helpdesk@.sd91.bc.ca or call 1.800.567.1236 ext. 2255 Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm EBUS Academy

VCLASS: Many of our teachers use Vclass (virtual classrooms) for group learning sessions. A list of Vclasses can be found in the Vclass course. ♦ Before you attend your first scheduled online class, it’s important to check that your audio is working properly.

While in the Vclass classroom, click TOOLS/AUDIO WIZARD, and follow the instructions. If you can’t hear or be heard, it will show up here. You will then need to check your connections to confirm that your speakers and microphone are plugged in and set up correctly. If you have problems accessing Vclass, please contact you online teacher or the help desk at 1.800.567.1235 ext. 2255

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