Course Exams

Each course in grades 10, 11 and 12 MAY have a course exam such as a unit test, midterm or final.  Please look through the particular course outline and material and see if there are any course tests or exams.  In-course exams, may be open-book, supervised or invigilated.  Students should ask their EBUS teacher, if they are unsure about the type of exams they will be required to write.  Open-book exams do not require supervision, but in some cases, may have a time limit.  Supervised exams require an adult (chosen by the student) to certify that the test was completed, as per the directions. Invigilated exams require supervision by a BC certified teacher.  EBUS course teachers will make arrangements for invigilated tests.  In some cases, students can have their EBUS teacher make arrangements to have a certified teacher from the students’ home school invigilate the exam. EBUS also has testing centres around the province, which may be helpful.  If you cannot find an invigilator, discuss this with your course teacher.

Provincial Exams – FAQ

When are provincial exams?

Provincial exams have TWO main sessions – January and June.  The dates and times for these exams are set by the Ministry and school where you are writing the exam, EBUS has no control over when they happen. There is also an August provincial exam session, for some courses.

What courses have provincial exams?

In grade 12, there is only one provincial exam, for either English or Communications.  Regardless of the course, the exam is worth 40% of the final grade, so it is important to study and be prepared for the exams.

For the course to be completed and show up on your transcript, you need to complete the course work with your teacher at EBUS AND write the provincial exam.  The average of these two marks needs to be 50% or better.  Passing the provincial exam does not mean you have finished the course.

When do I have to write the provincial exam?

Students have THREE years to write the provincial after they complete the course work, so there is no mad panic to write the provincial exam right away.  However, it is recommended the student write the exam while the course material is still fresh in the student’s mind.  If a course is completed part way between semesters, or in the summer, there are other, less common provincial exam sessions that might be a possibility.  Contact your academic advisor to see what we can arrange.

How do I register for a provincial exam?

Prepare for the exam.  Students wanting to write the January provincial, should have completed 50%  or more of the course work  by December 1.  For the June exams, 50% or more of the course work should be completed by May 1.  Around these dates, students will be required to send a request to the teacher/advisor at EBUS, in order to find a school near the student’s location, where the provincial will be written.  EBUS will set up the exam location and provide an email, with all of the information needed for the arrangements.  According to the provincial exam expectations, students should have substantially completed the course work, before the exam is written.

What if I can’t make the scheduled provincial exam for some reason?

No problemo!  But do give EBUS a heads up so we can let the school know, as they will be expecting you.  Missed exams are not counted against the student.

Ughhh…what if I fail the provincial exam?

Ultimately, students need to pass the entire course, not just the exam.  The final grades in Math, English and Science 10 are calculated with 80% coming from the course work and 20% from the exam.  When the final grade is calculated, it needs to be 50% or more.  If the overall grade is a failing grade, that mark does not show up on your transcript (only marks in courses that are passed show up) and the student can either re-write the provincial exam, or retake the course work to upgrade learning and marks.

Where can I find the detailed provincial exam schedule?

Check out the schedule at provincial exam schedule .

When do I sign up for my provincial exams?

Students will be notified at the end of November and the end of April, that it is time to sign up online.

What do I need for my provincial exam?

Students will need their PEN number (found on EBUS report cards, and on the provincial exam email that the advisor will send) along with picture ID, like a student card or driver’s license.  If the student needs a student card, one can be requested from EBUS by emailing Nancy Bangs.

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