Lesson Vendors

Lesson Vendor

Lessons providers and/or vendors are required to submit, by email or fax, a completed EBUS Academy Vendor Form the first time they submit an invoice for payment. We do not need additional copies unless the vendor has moved, or changed their email or banking information.

Your online teacher (OTL) or advisor will provide a blank EBUS Fillable Student Lesson Form  for those vendors who do not have an invoice form of their own.

All use of learning support funds must be pre-approved by a classroom/course teacher or academic advisor and, support the student’s current learning plan. EBUS cannot reimburse student/parents directly.

Students can utilize learning support funds towards lessons that support their broader learning goals and skill development. For example, lessons in music, dance, drama, sports, martial arts, woodworking, first aid, programming, etc., are ways students could access funding, so long as EBUS can pay the service provider directly.

Please remember we are a public school and as such, must separate church and state. Parents are welcome to purchase services and resources from Christian vendors, as long as the purchases are secular in content.

All invoices should be emailed to ebusinvoices@sd91.bc.ca

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