High School Graduation FAQ’s

How do I reach graduation from high school?

In order to graduate, you must complete the minimum requirements, 20 courses or 80 credits, in the different subject areas in grades 10, 11 and 12.  Remember, completing the minimum number of courses to graduate from high school does not necessarily meet the requirements for all college or university programs.  To see what each program requires as pre-requisites, go to their websites and investigate their admission requirements.

What happens once I complete the minimum 20 courses?

EBUS will send your complete course marks to the ministry 4 times a year; November, February, April and July.  When the ministry has all of your credits and you can graduate, including all provincial exam results, your transcript on the Student Secure Web (SSW) will say “this student is eligible to graduate.”  The next step is the ministry processes your transcript and prints your diploma and official transcript.  Once these are printed, your SSW will say “the student graduated in MONTH, YEAR”  The printed diploma and official transcript are then mailed to our EBUS office for the principal to sign.  We then mail that out to the students.  In the summer, you can expect your diploma and official transcript by the end of September.  For the other times in the year, you can expect the diploma and official transcript approximately 6 weeks after marks are sent, or around Christmas, in late March or early June.  We do not have any way to speed up this process.

How can I get an official transcript sent to a university or college?

You can do that through the Student Secure Website (SSW)

What about the graduation ceremony?

Early in your grade 12 year, or the year you have 8 or less courses left to reach graduation, the academic advisor will send you an updated credit check.  This will show you the courses you need to complete to graduate.  In February, students who are lined up to graduate (have 5 or less courses to complete) are sent a request as to what grad ceremony they would like to attend, our Vanderhoof or Vancouver ceremony.  Generally these are held at the end of May or early June.  The Vancouver ceremony is in a smaller location, and so graduates are limited to the number of guests they can invite (the number varies from year to year).

If you have any questions on this process, please contact your academic advisor.