Subject: Music

In this course, students gain the skills and knowledge to help develop their guitar “toolbox.” This is the ultimate beginners’ course covering everything from how to play, guitar maintenance, a history of the instrument and the nuances of music theory.

The focus of the course is to ensure students new to the guitar discover the joys of playing music.

In Guitar 11, learners will gain an even broader understanding of music and the guitar’s place in music history.

Learners will refresh their theory knowledge from previous guitar lessons as well as begin learning about sheet music and how to write their own music.

Over the course, learners will competently learn about the scales, notes and modes of the guitar, and learn how to combine their knowledge of theory with practice.

In Guitar 12, learners will learn the more intricate workings of music, such as how to develop themselves as artists after high school.

Guitar 12 learners will study music theory and reading/writing sheet music as they dive deeply into learning and playing new material, including studying existing music for inspiration.

This course, enhanced with video and graphic supports, is an ideal introductory course for beginner piano players. Learners will become familiar with the instrument.

Musical elements, principles, vocabulary and theory are presented throughout the course. Students are encouraged to develop and refine their skills, while taking creative risks.

In Piano 11, learners will continue their study of music and the piano.

Learners start to build an intermediate understanding of music and the instrument.  Scales, chords and rhythm are analyzed, and material that is more challenging is learned.

We will also look at the role of the piano in different genres and talk about how to use music theory to be creative.

Piano 12 offers learners a more developed piano and music experience.

Advanced scales, chords and rhythms are discussed as well as their role in music and what musical genres make use of this theory.

Advanced songs and techniques are studied, and the learners will have to tools to analyze music critically as well as exploit their creativity.

This is an exploratory art course.  Students work on projects in a range of different mediums and artforms.  their projects

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