Subject: Directed Studies

Combine your passion with your talent to earn up to four-course credits in Independent Directed Studies!

There are two scenarios for an IDS course.

Firstly, students are often already involved with clubs and lessons in their locale. This option allows students to earn up to four credits for instruction and practice they are already doing as long as that learning can be linked to Ministry approved Prescribed Learning Outcomes. This type of IDS is a popular choice for many senior students taking training in fine arts, but is not limited to fine arts.

Secondly, students may wish to enroll in several shorter courses or training sessions which are linked by a similar focus. For example, students might wish to create an outdoor focus, a media focus, or a social justice focus. Students need to submit a list of courses and activities linked by a focus and then work with the IDS teacher to match the focus activities and lessons to Ministry Approved Prescribed Learning Outcomes. Students will also need to supply evidences of participation and learning in each short course or activity.

Note: Independent Directed Studies 10, 11, 12 do not apply toward Adult Dogwood Graduation Credits

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