‘Short’ Registration Form for X-Enrolled Students

This Course Request form is for students currently X-enrolled with EBUS Academy

Please visit this page to see which  courses are currently not available for registration – click here to explore our course offerings (description / outlines)  You can explore different grade levels at the top of that page.

X-enrolled students are now allowed 2 EBUS courses on their schedule at any given time.

If a current course is more than 60% complete you can add another.

All other requests (requests for more than 2 courses or to add additional courses when not 60% complete current courses) will require EBUS Admin approval and consultation with the student’s home school.

If you have a special request, it may speed up the process if you get your school counselor or school principal / vice principal to email their support of your learning plan to Vice Principal, Barb Ziler or Principal, Brian Naka

Click here for the shortened Course Request Form.