EBUS Hockey Academy

The Hockey Academy focuses on skill development.  As players move through the program, the drills progress to allow the players to progress as well. EBUS Hockey Academy is entering its sixth season and we plan to offer programs for grade 5/6, grade 7/8,and  grades 9-12.

Coach: Marty Floris
Email: mfloris@sd91.bc.ca
Phone: 1 (250) 567-4413 ext 2222

This is a program focused on improving students’ individual skills

Skating: Proper technique, forward and backwards, turning and tight turns, lateral movement

Shooting: Wrist shot, Backhand shot, Snap shot, Slap shot

Passing: Forehand and backhand; forehand and backhand saucer; passing while in motion

Puck control: Stationary puck control, puck control while moving; puck control against stationary players; small area games utilizing puck control skills

Checking (No body contact) Stick checks: sweep, poke, stick lift, and stick press; body position, angling; small area games to help players improve these skills

Behaviour Expectations for the Hockey Academy

  • Players who will be absent must inform the instructor by phone or email
  • Players must be in good standing on their bus (if applicable)
  • Players will look after their equipment when at the arena
  • Players on ice behavior will be similar to their classroom behavior.
  • Players must be in good standing in their course work.
  • Players must be up to date with their homework and assignments. If a player is behind, they will stay at school and participate in their regular class activities and complete their work.

**Players who fail to meet the expectations may be removed from the program**

**Hockey is known as a collision sport. Players risk injury from high-impact collisions with each other, the rigid boards that mark the boundary of the playing surface, and the goal posts. Impact with a skate blade, long sticks, and pucks travelling more than 60 MPH also add to the risk.

It is estimated that direct trauma (a sudden forceful injury) accounts for 80% of all injuries. Most of these injuries are caused by player contact, falls, and contact with a puck, high stick, and occasionally, a skate blade.

As noted above, hockey is a high risk sport.  If your family does not have adequate health care insurance, please consider additional health care insurance.