***Cross Enrolled students are not eligible for Learning Support Funding***

EBUS Academy has traditionally provided funding to parents to cover resources that were normally given to students in a brick and board school.  Things have changed radically over the past 20 years and items originally covered may no longer be the norm.

Our funding policies at EBUS have also evolved during this period.  Some changes are Ministry driven while others are EBUS implemented.  Ministry Policy

EBUS strives to apply policies fairly to all students.

Students whose school of record is EBUS Academy and who are registered for at least 4 courses have access to a maximum of $600 in Learning Support Funding and up to a maximum of $400 in Internet Reimbursement to help support their current student learning plan.

  • Each active course that a student is engaged with generates $125 in Learning Support Funds.
  • The maximum amount of Learning Support Funding available to secondary students in the current school year is $1,000.00 which is equivalent to 8 courses.
  • A maximum of $600 may be used to support current course work.
  • Internet reimbursement (maximum of $400) can be requested, providing students have a balance of Learning Support Funds to cover the claim.
  • EBUS reserves the right to withhold funding from students who do not remain active in or withdraw from their courses.
  • Secondary students will be granted Learning Support Funding only once per course.

*EBUS Academy secondary students whose school of record is EBUS Academy and who have activated and are working on pace in a minimum of 3 courses for semester one are eligible for Learning Support Funding of $125.00 per course.

**Students who are registered in four courses for the current school year but are taking two courses in semester one and two courses in semester two may request $250.00 in funding during semester one if they have activated their two courses and are working on pace in both.

All purchases must be pre-approved by a course teacher and support the student’s current learning plan.  For example, we will not pay for music lessons for a student who is not enrolled in a Music or Fine Arts course with EBUS.

Although teachers approve all student purchases, all purchases must still comply with our EBUS Financial Purchasing Guidelines.

Please remember we are a public school and as such, must separate church and state.  Parents are welcome to purchase school supplies from Christian vendors as long as the purchases are secular in content.






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