Senior Secondary (Grades 10, 11, 12)   

At the senior secondary level, students choose the courses in which they want to enroll.  The student’s learning team will collaborate around course selection and specific adaptations/modifications to support student success.

  • The classroom teacher will assess performance relative to curricular outcomes
  • The Special Education case manager will provide IEP goal progress reports

If your child is unable to complete course work that is age-appropriate, individualized programming may be developed in consultation with EBUS Special Education staff.

EBUS has developed courses designed to meet Ministry outcomes.  As a general rule, these courses will be offered by our regular education teachers while Special Education personnel at EBUS play a case management role:  coordinating IEP development, collecting feedback on student progress, and approving spending.

  • The Special Education case manager will provide IEP goal progress reports

Parents play a key role in supporting the development and implementation of their child’s learning program, including:

  • Working with EBUS staff and service providers to develop a learning plan appropriate to each learner
  • Actively delivering and/or monitoring day-to-day learning, including submitting work samples for all subjects
  • Access EBUS website/Moodle and all posted information
  • Maintaining regular communication (via e-mail, telephone, etc) with EBUS staff
  • Assessing goal progress and providing feedback for each reporting period

Paying Service Providers    

The Ministry of Education does not allow EBUS to reimburse parents/students directly.  This includes our inability to reimburse for anything a family might purchase.  Service Providers must invoice EBUS Academy directly.

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