Planning Highlights 

Junior Secondary students and parents will work with a Homeroom Teacher to develop a Student Learning Plan each year. A small “pod” of 2-3 teachers that includes the Homeroom Teacher will share responsibilities for all courses. This simplifies communication and builds better relationships.

Senior Secondary students and parents will work with a counsellor to develop a Graduation Plan showing how requirements will be met between Grade 10 and 12. EBUS students are assisted by counsellors to choose courses that:

While students can timetable courses in a variety of ways, we encourage students to plan for 2 semesters in a year. Focusing on only 4 courses at a time seems to increase the success that students experience. Many courses will be available in both semesters to allow students as much flexibility as possible.
Provincial Exams are required for Language Arts 12 (English 12 or Communications 12).

Before graduation, students must complete Graduation Transitions (4 credits). Students bring together and present their learning in 3 broad areas: Personal Health, Community Connections, and Careers.

Consider Independent Directed Study courses as ways to earn credits as well as through challenge, equivalency, or external credits.

BC Dogwood Planner 2015

The Student Certification Branch has published the BC Dogwood Planner 2016-17, an annual document published in January for students in Grade 12.

The BC Dogwood Planner is a companion document of the Grad Planner addressing the top questions from students in their graduation year. We encourage schools to share this document in print or online form with their Grade 12 students.

We welcome feedback on this document: please send comments or suggestions to


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