Navigating the BC GraduationProgram and the post secondary system can be extremely complex and over whelming for students and their families.  EBUS is pleased to offer a variety of Academic Advisors.  This page is intended to be a resources for students and families wanting to start this process on their own.  The titles below are hyperlinked to videos that were created by one of our Advisors and we hope they are helpful.Please use the ‘Contact Us’ form to the left if you would like us to contact you with general help or answers

  1. Introduction to Course Selection
  2. General Considerations About Course Selection
  3. Semester vs. Linear Course Scheduling
  4. How Many Courses Should You Take
  5. What You Need to Graduate
  6. Math 10 Selection Options
  7. Math 11 Selection Options

In addition to the videos above, student and parents are encouraged to consult the following resources:

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