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We hope all our learners had a restful and relaxing spring break.  Our teachers are now back from break, and in some cases have returned to large volumes of marking.  Please be patient as they get caught up.

 There are a few dates that you need to be aware of as the end of the year is rapidly approaching. Please read the following information very carefully and reach out if you have any questions.

Semester two ends on June 17 2022, and the current school year ends on June  29, 2022.  After this time our teachers will be on summer break and students will not have full access to courses again until late August.

End of semester does not mean that you will be withdrawn from your course.  It does mean that you will need to plan to take a break from coursework, and then engage again in the fall when school opens again.

Please note, that while courses are open over summer, you will not be able to complete many assignments without teacher feedback and assessment.

At this point in the year, if you have completed less than 30% of a course, you are unlikely to finish by the June Guarantee* date of June 15th. 

We do not guarantee expedited (less than two month) course completion.   While you may  be capable, there are many factors that make completing courses in a short time-frame unrealistic.

For more information see

The June 15 guarantee date means that all work submitted by June 15th is guaranteed to be marked and included on the June report card. If you are currently at least 30% through a course and  

 If your student needs a course to show as completed on their June report card, they must ensure that all assignments and tests are completed by the guarantee date of June 15th.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our online teacher or one of our administrators. 

Brian Naka – Principal

Barb Ziler – Vice Principal Secondary

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