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Sept 15 fulltime grade 10-12 newsletter

Hi everyone

Here we are passed the halfway mark in September!  I hope you all are settling into your courses, connecting with your teachers and getting into the routines of learning!  Great to see so many new families joining us this year, as well as all those returning, I look forward to connecting with you and journeying with you with education!

This is the second newsletter for the school year, you can access all the announcements on in your homeroom on EBUS dashboard or at

Please note currently we have a higher than normal number of new students interested in EBUS this year and are doing our best to process new applications.  I am prioritizing my time for bringing in new students and getting them into courses along with requesting any missing courses for current students, so I appreciate your patience as my days are filled with phone calls and course additions.  Once school start up is complete and all fulltime students are in courses, I will email you each a credit check detailing your progress in the graduation program, starting with grade 12s, then 11s and 10s to ensure our students planning to graduate this school year are all set with required courses.


For full time students wanting to change courses, please use the “drop course” button on your dashboard and email me your new request.  Be sure to put the full student name and the specific course you are requesting, like English New Media 10.  Courses will only be added if the student is dropping one or is substantially complete in a current course.  I appreciate your patience as I work through the new applications, phone calls and emails.  At this busy time in the year it can take me up to 4 school days for me to respond.  


For students and families looking to connect with me by phone we are using a booking system that is well received by our families.  Please use to book, and select the appropriate amount of time you need.  Discussing course changes and academic advising can usually use a 10 or 20 minute appointment. 


This year it is essential students get started in all the courses on your dashboard given the volume of new students we are welcoming this year.  Note that students who have not submitted any work within 4 weeks of adding a course risk being withdrawn and not getting that course for an extended period of time.  If you need help with something, reach out to teacher right away, or if you need to make a course change, let me know.  We want to support as many learners as we can this year, so please make sure we know what we can do for you.  As a guideline students working in 3-4 courses should be scheduling 25-35 hours each week for learning time.


In March 2022 the Ministry of Education announced a change to the 2018 graduation program.  Any student graduating AFTER JUNE 2023 will be required to complete 1 Indigenous Focus 4 credit course.  EBUS offers 2 courses that meet this requirement, BC First Peoples 12 (which can count as your Social Studies 11/12 grad requirement also) and English First Peoples 12 (which can count as your Language Arts 12 grad requirement too). For more information on this requirement check here


  • Sept 22 District Planning Day – EBUS staff unavailable, courses open to students
  • Oct 2 National Day for Truth and Reconciliation – EBUS staff unavailable, courses open to students
  • Oct 9 Thanksgiving – EBUS closed, courses open
  • Oct 20 Professional Development Day – EBUS staff unavailable, courses open
  • Nov 10 Remembrance Day – EBUS closed, courses open to students

You can find the full year school calendar at


Parents, you can access your student’s progress and report cards on the EBUS parent portal:   Students, you can access your report cards from your dashboard looking for the A+ icon in the upper righthand corner.  Report cards are published 5 times a year; November, January, March, June and for summer session, September.


Currently I am working from home.  To book a phone appt with me, use and select the appropriate amount of time you need when you are available for my call.  My calls will show up as SD91 for School District 91.  EBUS Academy as also set up Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone calls so I now have a phone number you can reach me at!  I am available at 1-250-567-4413 ext 7409.   Booking a phone appt is the easiest was to ensure you will reach me, but I will answer calls during the workday when available.  

Have a great September, the next newsletter will be Friday Oct 6.

EBUS Academy