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School District 91 Science Fair Finalists

The SD91 virtual district science fair was held yesterday with over 90 students participating! As always, it was a wonderful day of celebrating scientific inquiry. Students did a terrific job of presenting online to the judges and we are very proud of them. Congratulations to all!

A special thanks to Tyler Clark, Jason Kadonaga, Amit Dhak, our great team of judges, school facilitators and the many SD91 teachers, administrators and support staff for their hard work supporting students.

All finalists are listed below. This year, all students in grades 4-12 are eligible to participate in the virtual Central Interior Science Exhibition (CISE) in April.  

Grade 8-12

  • 1st  Place : Rodrick Vyizigiro (EBUS)  Fyto – a global solution to a global crisis
  • 2nd Place: Talan Taylor-Hunt (EBUS): D.I.Y. Ear Protection
  • 3rd Place: Alex Lea (LDSS): Sustainable Nutrient Regeneration
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Danica Reyes (EBUS): Bread Dough Rising Science Fair Project
    • Erica Reyes (EBUS): Which Liquid Will Cause a Gummy Bear to Swell the Most?
    • Ava van der Gulik (EBUS): Raising Awareness; scientific evidence that the wolf cull is the wrong way to deal with endangered caribou herds!

Grade 7

  • 1st  Place : Makena Shelton (EBUS): Where is air quality best?
  • 2nd Place tie: Dylan Stewart(Decker Lake Elementary): Let It Melt
    • And Rhys Griffin and Alexa Bell (Decker Lake Elementary): Yay or Neigh
  • 3rd Place tie: Rheanna Leith (William Konkin Elementary): How COVID affects your mental health
    • And Tristan Wainwright and Matthew Weibe (Francois Lake Elementary): Better Bolt
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Ally Whitford and Kaylee Levick (William Konkin Elementary): Studying Toxic Energy
    • Alaina Borne (Francois Lake Elementary): How “Iron” ic
    • Julius Erickson (David Hoy Elementary): Smoking & Non-smoking Lungs

Grade 6

  • 1st  Place: Emily van der Gulik  (EBUS Academy): Does Ash Contribute to the Rapid Plant Growth After a Wildfire?
  • 2nd Place tie: Alayna Hart and Lynda Nguyen (William Konkin Elementary): Too Many Germs
  • And Kate and Kiah Thiessen Clark (WL McLeod Elementary): PURE CLEAN FUN
  • 3rd Place tie: Coby MacLellan (Decker Lake Elementary): Grow, Grow, Grow
    • And Oliver Boniface (WL McLeod Elementary): Slapshot!
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Brenna McCleary and Mika Hara (WL McLeod Elementary): Distracted Driving
    • Mackenzie Hunter (Francois Lake Elementary): Blown Away
    • Ty Johnson and Brooklyn Johnson (Sinkut View Elementary): The Hardest Wood
    • Zoe Erasmus (WL McLeod Elementary): Oil

Grade 5

  • 1st  Place: Bren Crowley (David Hoy Elementary): The Geologists Are Coming 
  • 2nd Place tie: Kavita Dhillon (WL McLeod Elementary): The amazing race …to biodegrade
    • And Mya Hutt (WL McLeod Elementary): Food Molding
  • 3rd Place: Kacey Wilson  (Francois Lake Elementary): Burn ‘n Learn
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Lily Davis (Decker Lake Elementary): Foil the Spoil
    • Meryem Aykut (EBUS): pH of Saliva
    • Magnus Finstad and Russell Mills (William Konkin Elementary): Egging Decaying
    • Tristan Walker (Sinkut View Elementary): Cloud Types
    • Emaly Pfeifer and Bowdrie Sawly (Mapes): The effects of food dyes

Grade 4

  • 1st  Place tie: Mariam El Haj (EBUS): The Nifty Bone
    • And Lynden Whitwell (WL McLeod Elementary): Plant Homes
  • 2nd Place: Bean Pickett (Sinkut View Elementary): Why do honeybees live longer in the winter than the summer
  • 3rd Place tie: John Broadworth (William Konklin Elementary): Mixy Mixy
    • And Sophia Pfeifer (Mapes Elementary): Juice Balls
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Rixon Fawcett and Quintin Martens (Sinkut View Elementary): How to turn eggs into geodes
    • Greg Saito and Kai Kellam (WL McLeod Elementary): Pop & Mentos
    • Peri Skiffington and Jaylyn Raymond (Mapes Elementary): What Causes Multiple Sclerosis
    • Deegan Pangerl (Francois Lake Elementary): Grow em’ up

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